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Otaku Cafe

Otaku Café is a Japanese cuisine located in the heart of Dubai, Dubai Design District. Otaku is a space with the philosophy of a home where people come together and experience spaces with different functions – a welcoming entrance, dining , kitchen, sitting area, and concept store. Otaku also combines a modern approach of Japanese aesthetics where old meets new.

The concepts are reflected through earthy, natural tones mixed with the imperfections of the context; celebrating the bare materials of the site. 

The steel counter is the heart of the Café drawing attention to the specialty coffee  and the delicious fluffy Japanese pancakes. An organic shaped ledge on one side of the Café contrasts the straight lines of the rest of the interior and functions as a  casual seating area with an artistic tree. The tree breaks the continuity of the ledge acting as a separator between seating zones. 


The overall Interiors reflect the simplicity and minimalism of Japanese design. 





D3, Dubai, UAE


Design Completed


1,300 sq ft

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