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Mezzan HQ







Kuwait City

Mezzan Holding

Commercial Office

100,000 sq ft

Interior Design

Concept Design

Mezzan is a brand that embraces values that has passed through generations. Though the design for the Head office of Mezzan looks towards the future, it is distinguished by a sense of community, culture, innovation & collaboration that it projects. The design concept looks into celebrating Mezzan’s community and focuses on lending a work / life balance through spatial balance and other elements that go within. The interiors reflects Mezzan through the ages, from past to future. 

Intriguingly, the project ventures beyond the confines of the present and delves into Mezzan's journey across time – from the humble beginnings of a “Baqala” meaning supermarket to a market leading company in the MENA region. The design is a tangible manifestation of Mezzan's evolution, a living timeline that speaks to the enduring legacy of the brand.


The interplay of materials, a choreography of warm earthy tones interwoven with bursts of vibrant colors and textures, mirrors Mezzan's very identity. Beyond aesthetics, the design exhibits a seamless flow that increases functionality and connectivity. The spatial layout promotes interaction of ideas reflecting Mezzan's commitment to encourage fluidity and creative synergy.

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