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Al Romiah Farmhouse







Jizan, KSA

Al Romiah Family


30,000 sq ft

Architecture & Interior Design


This project is situated on a 50-acre farm and is nestled in the heart of the property. The primary objective guiding the design was to create a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces while preserving a feeling of privacy and seclusion.

A gracefully meandering gravel driveway, bordered by a serene procession of trees, guides visitors through the expansive plot, culminating at a distinctive triangular entrance porch. The deliberate choice of rammed earth as the primary facade material stands as a pivotal element in connecting the structure to its surroundings and the broader context. The mesmerising layers of earth meticulously shaped and compressed not only serve as a durable enclosure but also contribute significantly to the sensory experience of the space.

An expansive floating roof, featuring cantilevered overhangs that extend gracefully beyond the building's walls, offers generous shading to shield occupants from the intense sunlight. Within this remarkable roof structure, strategically placed openings create inviting courtyard spaces, fostering a seamless integration of the interior and exterior environments.

The interior spaces open up to their surroundings and function as a tranquil haven where residents can unwind while soaking in the natural beauty that surrounds them, all while remaining comfortably sheltered within the architectural embrace of the home.

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