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Situated in the Jizan province in Saudi Arabia the temperature varies between 23 C and 38 C. The Jizan province enjoys a monsoon season unlike other parts of the country. Located along the red sea with high mountains in the distance.

Through design we create and enhance the experiences, life in a farm has to offer. The architecture offers clear views and lends a sense of privacy to the farmhouse. The aesthetic is exemplified by the views seen into the farm A path leads through the circulation above a water feature. Shading is integrated into the circulation and corridors. The use of rammed earth as feature elements provides a rich texture with organic patterns. Rammed earth walls allows the house to blend into its surroundings. The bedrooms open up to their surroundings creating an uninterrupted relationship with nature. The interior mood embodies a comfortable dwelling space.


Jizan, KSA


Ongoing Project


30,000 sq ft

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