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Fine Office Extension 







Dubai, UAE

Fine Hygienic Holding LLC 

Commercial Office

2,500 sq ft

Design & Build - Interiors  

Completed 2019

The Fine Hygienic Holding office refurbishment was based on the need to motivate employees through an innovation driven space, that addressed the well being of its people. The concept was rooted to the clients brief and translated through various design elements, starting from a base white palette resonating with hygiene. The Jordanian roots of the company are expressed through Bedouin tents in the reception area as well as a modern majlis seating with rich Sadu pattern cushions, brand specific art and graphics are seen throughout the interiors. Bold elements such as a fire pole connecting the two floors, a tensile majlis net, and a skateboard ramp that spanned 40 meters along the length of the building, were some of the challenging design elements that VS design studio successfully accomplished. 


“A workplace can either inspire; un-inspire; or have no measurable impact at all. As our employees spend, like most, a plurality of waking hours in the office, we strove for inspiration. We wanted to embed our corporate values of risk taking, speed and innovation into the workspace. 
VS Design studio ticked all of the boxes and delivered a project that our people are proud of. They bring family and friends to visit. Every single newcomer marvels about the design. Every prospective hire ends up joining because they want to work there.  And that’s the definition of success.”

James Michael Lafferty

CEO, Fine Hygienic Holding

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