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Jazeera Paints R&D







Abha, Saudi

Jazeera Paints

Commercial Office

32,000 sq ft

Architecture, Interior Design


We are the lead architects and interior designers for this project. The facility is an inspiring work place for paint scientists and industrial engineers. It consolidates the research, development and exhibition of Jazeera Paints into a single functional and flexible facility with an enjoyable and collaborative work environment. Terraces and multiple inner courtyards provide visual connectivity between levels and draw natural light into the facility. The design responds to the unique local climate by creating multiple landscaped spaces that foster a connection with the outdoors. By use of corten steel and concrete the building stays true to its industrial location. 

The Interior Design has been inspired by the brand’s strong views on innovation and sustainability, creating a new work culture within a space that promotes a good balance between work and recreation. The material palette compliments nature, with exterior materials seeping through the interior and juxtaposed with pops of vibrant colours and textures that represent the brand.

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