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Al Fakher HQ







Dubai, UAE

Al Fakher 

Commercial Office

22,000 sq ft

Design & Build - Interiors

Completed 2020

VS design studio donned the responsibility of a design and build scope of work in partnership with a reliable contracting company. The design concept for Al Fakher office HQ is an artistic interpretation from formations of smoke. The free flowing, organic shapes create artistic layers of shades & tones and inspire custom designed furniture, floor patterns, colour schemes and an overall spatial experience.

Textures and materials follow a simple, ingenuous, unpretentious and organic direction similar to the tobacco molasses and the act of smoking the shisha itself. Reflecting their people and community and allowing their employees to be their real self, called for the use of materials in their real form leading to the concept of a raw industrial office space. Use of materials and textures of semi-plastered brick walls, real concrete columns inherited from the building structure, exposed ceiling soffits, concrete textured floors & walls, imperfections inherited by raw wood and industrial metal cladding are seen through the design language. There are spaces that are warm and welcoming while there are spaces that lend an edge through material contrasts.


“I will never work in a better place, you did an amazing job. It looks exactly like the renders!" 

Cristina Planelles Roca 

Project Manager, PMO


"The office looks wonderful, I cannot wait until all staff moves in and starts working" 

Dawid Louw 

VP Human Resources 

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