The Fine Hygienic Holding office refurbishment was based on the need to motivate employees through an innovation driven space, that addressed the well being of its people. The concept was rooted to the clients brief and translated through various design elements, starting from a base white palette resonating with hygiene.

VS design studio donned the responsibility of a design and build scope of work in partnership with a reliable contracting company. The design concept for Al Fakher office HQ is an artistic interpretation from formations of smoke. 

 The facility is an inspiring work place for paint scientists and industrial engineers. It consolidates the research, development and exhibition of Jazeera Paints into a single functional and flexible facility with an enjoyable and collaborative work environment.

Gifto's of London is an ethnic family store and restaurant located in Dubai Marina. VS design studio were the starting point of a brand reformation and market repositioning. The design  lends an identity for the brand. A brand that carries a legacy yet looks forward to creating an impression through its food, experience and hospitality. Translating the fine, rich and distinct flavor of the Indo-Pak cuisine into a stylish but familiar dining ambiance.



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