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Gifto's of London







Marina, Dubai

Gifto's of London


2,500 sq ft

Design & Build 

Completed 2019

Situated in Dubai Marina, the design lends an identity for the brand. A brand – that carries a legacy yet looks forward to creating an impression through its food, experience and hospitality. Translating the fine, rich and distinct flavor of the Indo-Pak cuisine into a stylish but familiar dining ambiance. 

Ethnic food preparation techniques deserved a showcase through strategically placed elements. The live kitchen is placed towards the shop front for clear visibility along the marina promenade. Finishes and color schemes proposed required to make Gifto’s of London a warm and glamorous restaurant.


““From inception to completion, VSDS were fully engaged and committed to every detail of the project as though it was their very own. The distinct qualities of VSDS that I really appreciate, is the meticulously designed elements that personalized the design to our brand.


The project quality and timelines were extremely well managed and in fact better than the expectations we had. The end product took the design we had in London and updated it to efficient standards and made it appropriate to the region; therefore, providing a template for future expansion. The personal service and the way the project was championed by the team was the best client service I received whilst conducting business in the Middle East.”

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